About us

About us

OG.Art blog

Where artists, curators, collectors, and experts come together to discuss all things digital art.

OG.Art platform

Our OG.Art platform is a space dedicated to both carefully curated dynamic NFT collections and to new, collaborative approaches to art. Put simply, we are not about static PFPs or cartoon gorillas, rather we believe blockchain to be the future of digital artwork, and so take full advantage of experimentation within blockchain technology and its interactive, generative and dynamic potential.

Working with established artists from both the traditional and crypto art worlds, OG.Art was created by the Snark.Art team in 2018. Having produced many collaborative projects we are now launching a new platform to push the boundaries of blockchain as a medium even further — allowing for collectors to become co-creators of digital works. As well as harnessing the evolutionary and creative potentials of dynamic NFTs, OG.Art creates the chance for you to become a member of a fairer, justly-governed super community of like-minded crypto-art enthusiasts.

So, here in our blog, we speak to famous collectors and artists, highlight quality NFT collections and projects, and publish articles surrounding generative NFT art and the blockchain.

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by the fast-paced developments of blockchain and crypto-art, and hello to a community of like-minded readers, NFT breakthroughs and all the latest on what the world’s coolest digital artists are up to.