OG.Art DAO Constitution

OG.Art DAO Constitution


This document is to serve as the constitution for members of OG.Art DAO.

OG.Art is a platform and a launchpad for dynamic NFT art collections and a completely new approach to creative collaboration. All projects on the platform interconnect, forming a creative ecosystem and a super community of artists and collectors, justly governed by DAO.

The creation of OG.Art DAO or “decentralized autonomous organization” is integral to the project’s identity.

Each owner of NFTs of any curated art collection launched on OG.Art platform is legitimately considered as a DAO member.

The project DAO embodies the ideals of transparency, independence, and self-governance exemplified and reinforced by blockchain and will also determine the ongoing evolution and development of the collections launched on OG.Art platform and curated by OG.Art team.

Purpose of OG.Art DAO

To propose, approve and execute actions with the purpose of supporting and or elevating the value of the OG.Art ecosystem. These actions may include but are not limited to: managing curated collections opportunities, and the support, and development of like-minded NFT initiatives based on governance guidelines.

This text is a living document intended to be pliable to dynamic evolution should outcomes of procedural voting clearly signal a shift in strategic direction.


Only the ownership of artworks from collections that were launched on OG.Art platform and curated by OG.Art team gives the right to be part of the DAO. At the moment of constitution creation there are 3 collections that meet these conditions:

Over time, the list of collections will expand.


Co-creators are wallet owners that participated in the growth of any OG.Art collection (claimed, bought, or sold it during the growth period). Co-creators might or might not be members of the DAO and do not have any additional power compared to the regular DAO member. Their voting power is defined solely by the number of tokens that they own. Their names must be mentioned as co-creators.


DAO Board

The purpose of the Board is to administer DAO proposals and to serve the vision of the community. Board consists of 4-6 members of DAO selected and supported by the voting process.

Each Board member is elected for 1 year but might be replaced earlier by the majority vote of the community.

Any member of the Board can leave anytime, give a reason, and initiate voting for a new member for the same position.

DAO members

Anyone who is a holder of at least one artwork from a collection launched on OG.Art platform and curated by the OG.Art team is an eligible voting member of the DAO. Active participation is open to all members regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, gender identity, socioeconomic status, or any other characteristic of distinction. The only other requirement is that members conduct themselves in a manner that fosters inclusive, respectful discourse with the purpose of exploring ideas and executing initiatives for the mutual benefit of all DAO members. Passion in the expression of opposing points of view is expected and encouraged within the framework of respect for one another -  differences are our strengths and will bring us closer to our vision to support art, culture, and the natural world.

DAO and Original Creators' Relationship

Original creators might or might not be members of the DAO and do not have any additional power in voting compared to regular DAO members. As with all members, their voting power is defined solely by the number of tokens they own.

Even if original creators are not taking part in the DAO, they have a right to propose ideas regarding the development and support of the collection, promotional and exhibition opportunities, live events, etc.

The creators are not responsible for DAO decisions. Moreover, Original Creators reserve the right to stop cooperating with the DAO if DAO's goals and core no longer reflect the original creators’ vision and values.

NFT Artworks ownership and commercial rights

Ownership and commercial rights are defined separately for each collection.

Proposal submission guidelines

Anyone who owns at least one NFT artwork from a collection launched on OG.Art platform and curated by OG.Art team can submit a proposal to the DAO channel on the official OG.Art Discord server. The Board reviews and discusses it, updates it if needed, and decides whether to put it to a vote or not.

If it is, the vote is arranged on the official OG.Art Snapshot platform – with one vote per 1 NFT owned.

By default, voting lasts 48 hours with a quorum of 50 votes. However, the quorum can be predefined by Board members depending on the importance of the proposal.

Proposals are accepted by a simple majority of votes.

DAO fund and funding

The DAO fund (Treasury) consists of several wallets that are connected to each curated collection to track the revenues from each project separately. DAO Royalties are defined for each project individually by collections’ creators.

● Treasury wallet address for OG:CR project is  0x955A0De2154B884b8BAF48d98bBe16aA32F21272

● Treasury wallet address for LIOM project is 0xE4906dC567397321df52f54EA8b514E06F9Cb23a

● Treasury wallet address for HETEROSIS project is

DAO can nominate a treasury manager to execute transactions from the treasury wallet on DAO’s decisions.