“LIOM made me feel a part of the creation process, not just a consumer.”

“LIOM made me feel a part of the creation process, not just a consumer.”

Vhdragoon, a New York based photographer and a passionate NFT art collector, shared his top-5 NFT art pieces from his collection.  

My favourite NFT artworks

Iron Paw Gang by Adam Ape

I like how a static style of PFP was turned into something moving, dynamic and interchangeable.

Dreamgirls by Kyu Yong Eom

As a photographer of models, I can appreciate a model that can make herself look completely different with outfit changes. It’s like they are a new person, and the Dreamgirls collection demonstrates that in generative form.

Saint Robotica by Samuel Ho

They are so much fun! Each one is a piece of a grand stained glass display and has different elements that make them unique. It's my current PFP.

Tripping Over The Light Fantastic, Triptych Series 3 by Iyvone Khoo

This was the second NFT I ever purchased. I bought a set of 3 of them, and I think they look cool with the planes firing missiles.

LIOM by OG.Art

Every step of the process was amazing. 100 days of your piece evolving and revealing itself, changing based on the contents of your wallet. I love NFTs and I love art that does stuff, so LIOM really made me feel a part of the creation process, not just a consumer.

About My collection

NFT art has changed with the rise of AI art, and now it’s hard to find what I consider to be innovative pieces. So, I have slowed down and decided to be selective in what I am collecting.
There are 3 types of NFTs I collect: art, utility, and speculative. I also have a collection that is purely game-related NFTs. I also believe in true ownership, and within digital NFT art, I especially appreciate the community.

My advice to people approaching NFT art collecting for the first time:
Watch out for scams, buy what you really like and support the artists whose work you truly resonate with.

To conclude, here is my OG: Crystal #1913. I love how non-crystal-like it appears. So blocky!