Life in Our Minds Evolution Q&A

Life in Our Minds Evolution Q&A

As the LIOM NFTs have been revealed, we have gotten a lot of questions from our collectors about the evolution process behind them, here we answer 19 of the most frequent ones, alongside a complete gallery of potential LIOM partner traits. You can also find a  general description of the mechanics in our Growth guide, and don’t hesitate to ask us more in our Discord Growth-FAQ Channel.  We will continue to answer questions in the chat and further blog posts.

1. How often can I expect to see updates to my LIOMs?

The NFT’s appearance (Boids number, their traits and materials) will be updated with every 10% of their evolution. How often that will actually happen depends on some predetermined characteristics such as Evolution Speed and Evolution Speed Bonuses. However, you can boost your evolution speed by adding more LIOM and OG:CR NFTs to your collection.

2. How can I recognize and understand my LIOM patterns?
Please see the patterns table below:

3. When does the snapshot for the patterns of collab collections happen?

The first Boids were added to each LIOM upon its mint, according to their owner’s current wallet content. After that, LIOM NFTs started to evolve, and new Boids were gradually added. Each time a Boid is born, its patterns are guided by the current wallet content, and all Boids that are now seen without any pattern will eventually reveal what they have if you give the NFT enough time to evolve.

4. How many Boids minimum and maximum can my NFT have by the end of the evolution period?

From 13 minimum and up to 51 if it evolves to 100%. But no worries,  if your LIOM NFT has a smaller Maximum Boids limit, it will have higher chances for evolution speed bonuses and for rare material types instead.

5. Which traits are the most important?

It’s up to you! But we tried to spread different traits and qualities among the LIOM NFTs equally, so if the number of Boids in your NFT is low, you have a higher chance of getting other rare traits on them.

6. How to check if my LIOM is rare?

The collection will be soon connected to one of the rarity apps so that you may check the rarity of your LIOM NFTs there.

7. Can material gold and silver change later, or are they permanent? Which traits will never change?  And which traits might?

These are the traits that do not change:
- Boid Shape
- Collab patterns that your Boids already have
- Evolution Speed (but you can get the Speed Bonus)
- Primary and Secondary Colors
- Color Scheme (The Colors may only disappear if you receive an extremely rare 100% Full special material trait)

All other traits may change.

If a  Boid has a silver pattern, for example, it might later change to a silver full Boid type.

Boids with a BAYC pattern can change to Half Silver BAYC (so you'll keep the BAYC trait and get a new Half Silver trait), and at the very end of their evolution, the NFT may change to Full Silver BAYC. (The BAYC trait remains the same, Half Silver removed, Full Silver added).

8. What does the number near the pattern on OpenSea mean? For example, does “Pattern Regulars 10” mean that 10% of the LIOM pattern is Regulars?

Yes, numbers mean percentages of the current amount of Boids with this particular pattern. Keep in mind the numbers are rounded, so they are in the 5-10-15-20-etc range.

10. ​​ I bought my NFT  from the secondary market, and I have someone else’s wallet contents influencing my LIOM. Does the evolution now react to my wallet?

Yes! The Boids that were born in the other wallet will have its traits, but any new Boids will collect your data.

11. If I move my  LIOM to another wallet, are the traits going to change? Also, when will these changes show?

The traits of all Boids that are born in this new wallet will be different, and all Boids that were already in the NFT when you bought it will remain unchanged. The changes will show up during the 100 days of evolution, as every Boid has its own evolution timeline.

12. If I want LIOM to get the MAYC trait, should I move out any other NFTs I have in my wallet?

If you move out all other NFTs from your wallet, your LIOM NFT will evolve close to a 50/50 combination of MAYC/LIOM traits for all newborn Boids. But if you keep it as it is, it will be a mix of MAYC, LIOM and all other supported collections you have in your wallet.

13. Am I understanding correctly that patterns are the result of partner NFTs and any other unpartnered NFTs?

Unpartnered NFTs are ignored. The system collects only the partner collection NFTs in a wallet, as well as how many of each type.  It then tries to match this distribution with the Boid traits in your NFT.

14. If I locked my NFTs, can they be unlocked?

LIOM NFTs can be locked and then unlocked on demand on the OG.Art platform within 100 days of evolution. Also, they are locked while on sale on OpenSea and no evolution takes place. However, they do keep evolving as soon as they are bought again.

15. Can my LIOM get gold or silver material even if it does not show initially?

Yes. Each Boid has its individual evolution timeline. Initially, it shows only its colour, then a bit later, its pattern is revealed. Later, it may get a special material, and at the very end of the timeline, the whole Boid could change to a certain material.

16. Are the new Biods added every day?

It depends on your evolution speed or total Boid amount etc. So for some NFTs – yes, for others, it may be every few days. Just keep in mind that the visuals and traits will be updated every 10% of the evolution,  while the system works in the background collecting data and adding new Boids - even if you don't see it instantly.

17. I now have the pattern of Moonbirds on my LIOM. What will happen if I transfer my  Moonbrids NFT out of my wallet for several days?

All The Boids added after that transfer will lose out on the chance of getting a Moonbirds trait. But, all the Boids already created while it was in there would remain the same as they are.

18. I have more than one partner project NFT in my wallet, will I get all of their traits?

You should get at least one Boid with the pattern of each partner collection NFT you own. After that, it'll try to get as close as possible to the content distribution of your wallet. So if you have more NFTs from one particular collection, the chances of getting the corresponding Boids patterns are higher.

19. Both of my LIOMs have roughly the same look, but that doesn’t mean they will evolve the same way if they are in the same wallet, right?

It’s hard to say, as there is an element of luck here. The speed bonus and the pattern distribution might be very close, but everything else, like half and full special materials distribution and types, will probably be different.