Life in Our Minds Waitlist Dynamic Scoring System

Life in Our Minds Waitlist  Dynamic Scoring System

We have some good news for you: the number of allowlist spots for OG:CR DAO has been increased to 250! However, there are less than 70 spots left, so don’t wait around!

The score system

When you sign up for the waitlist, the system gives you extra points depending on whether you have met these conditions. For each of the conditions met, you move forwards in the line.

The conditions:

☻ There is at least 0.25 Eth in your wallet: 10 points
☻ Your wallet contains other #NFTs: 10 points
☻ There is OG:Crystal in your wallet: 30 points
☻ Your waitlist account is connected to our Twitter: 10 points
☻ Your waitlist account is connected to our Discord: 10 points
☻ Your email in the waitlist account is confirmed: 10 points

The second wallet of a user previously signed up to the waitlist with another wallet will get 0 points.

If your wallet meets all of the conditions above, your account will gain 85 points - though we must say that this can’t guarantee your chance to purchase, you will be at the front of the line and have very high chances of buying a LIOM NFT.

☻ OC:CR Diamond Hands status: 100 points
☻ Raffle/Giveaway winner: 100 points

All wallets with the score of 100 or more get onto the allowlist with a guaranteed chance of  purchase. Wallets with the score between 0 and 100 stay in the waitlist and those with higher scores will have access to the sale earlier than wallets with the lower score.

Example: You purchased an OG:Crystal on the 25th of September. When you joined the waitlist, you connected your email. Your score will be = 15 (NFT in your wallet) + 25 (this NFT is a Crystal) + 10 (your email is confirmed) = 50. You can improve your score at any time before the sale by adding some Eth into your wallet, connecting to more socials, and participating in raffles/giveaways.


1000 allowlist spots are reserved for the original OG:Crystal community, Pace Gallery key collectors & partner communities who are guaranteed the opportunity to buy LIOM NFTs.

Our system recognizes wallets that had Crystals in them before and including Sep 19, 2022 and awards them with “Diamond Hands status,” which guarantees an opportunity to purchase two LIOM NFTs.

To get onto the allowlist, please, log in with the wallet where your hold your Crystals.

After the allowlist is full, the rest of the Crystal holders will not  receive this status and will stay on the waiting list, albeit with a higher score.


— My Crystals are on my cold wallet or another wallet that OG.Art platform doesn't support.

If your Crystal is in a cold wallet or Coinbase wallet, import your account to Metamask. Here are the instructions for Coinbase.

If your Crystal is in a wallet that you can not import to Metamask, claim your allowlist spot via #create-a-ticket 👉

— I cannot see the Metamask option when I log in from a mobile device.

Open this link in the Metamask browser.

— I meet all the conditions to be on the allowlist, but I still have not got the “Diamond Hands” status.

We may have run out of allowlist spots for the OG:Crystal community, as there are only 250. However, as a Crystal owner, you will still have a priority on the waitlist.