Meet OG Studio - Powerful Tools for Digital Artists

Meet OG Studio - Powerful Tools for Digital Artists

Our latest project has landed, and this one’s a little different.

OG Studio is a low-code set of tools for all creatives to independently experiment with powerful new technology and create dynamic and generative NFTs that can grow, breed, fuse, and react to digital data or IRL events, everything from in-app experiences and their owners' online behaviour to the weather!

Essentially, this is us wanting to help every creative in the blockchain ecosystem stand out, using the technology we have developed and used ourselves in our art collections. Try out endless opportunities to create interactive scenarios, complex concepts and evolving storytelling.

So what are the features of OG Studio?

  • Includes low-code solutions for creating NFT projects of any technical complexity.
  • Allows creative storytelling and any type of interactions triggered by on-chain and off-chain data.
  • Suggests premade scenarios created and tested by the OG community.
  • Has a library of existing data points and opportunities to add new ones - anything from crypto wallet contents to real-life moon phases.
  • Provides artistic autonomy as smart contracts are owned by artists and can be deployed on OG.Art or any third-party platforms.
  • Offers a render pipeline that supports JavaScript, Houdini and Blender scenes, allowing for the instant rendering of complex 2D and 3D images and animation.
  • Provides all marketing tools, including a custom mint page, phased sales for different groups of collectors, interactive waitlists with challenges for buyers, crypto and credit card payment.

So, check out our website, find out more about OG Studio, and subscribe for early access.