"This is an attempt to own a cross-section of historically significant NFTs."

"This is an attempt to own a cross-section of historically significant NFTs."

VonMises, Art Blocks curation board member + moderator, owner of the Rapture Gallery in Decentraland, outstanding NFT collector, and a true OG of crypto art, spoke to us about his collection and picked his five favorite works for our community to enjoy:

“Top-5 favorite works from my collection. They're all top tier examples of NFT collections I admire, and that have inspired what we have today in terms of NFT development.

❶ My profile punk #1111
❷ My type 7 autoglyph #372
❸ My spiral Fidenza #592  
❹ My Squiggle #463, a perfect spectrum minted by me on the first day of Art Blocs
❺ My zombie punk #9203    
I also own like 50 OG:Crystals, but I’ve selected my two favorite to show. The first one is seven out of seven clusters, it just looks so sick! The second one is also great! I call it the "Unity crystal," and I called it this before Yuga Labs bought CryptoPunks. It’s the only generation-2 with a Punk and BAYC mutation.

I started collecting NFTs in 2019 after discovering Gods Unchained, a tradable card game. I liked the deck building aspect of it and quickly became obsessed with the trading aspect of it. For me, NFTs combined three things that I loved: trading, collecting, and crypto.

My NFT collection, in terms of both art and collectibles, is an attempt to own a cross section of rare, collectible, and historically significant NFTs from the early days of this new technology.  While I feel the true golden era of  NFTs was from 2017-2020, there are more recent projects that warrant a spot in the collection. I use a variety of displays to highlight my collection, including Oncyber and deca galleries, and I also own a metaverse gallery in decentraland.

I believe that the best approach to collecting is to buy what you love first. Almost all of my biggest home runs were NOT purchased with any expectation of making real money.

Deep and interesting generative art is something I very much appreciate. Art Blocks has changed the model of creating and collecting it, and now there is so much interesting and cool art to enjoy.”